GS Ventures envisions a world
where East meets West in the
arena of luxury brands shopping

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Birthed by an ardent desire to elevate the Asian consumers’ experience, GS Ventures is the luxury brands division of S.N. Aswani Ltd, one of the world’s biggest distribution and retail empires based in Myanmar. With a diverse portfolio of archetypal products, ranging from cosmetics and perfumery, writing, sport and kitchen equipment, paper and electronics, GS Ventures is the confluence of West and East, where the best of European and US premium luxury brands meet and satisfy the distinctive taste of Asian consumers.
GS Ventures envisions a world where East meets West in the arena of luxury brands shopping.

Our mission is to elevate the experience of consumers in Myanmar by awakening and giving them access to the myriad options of highly sought-after and trusted product brands from Europe and the USA. By offering these brands at our multiple and strategically located distribution channels, we become a vehicle for elevated consumer experience. Our strong and dedicated marketing and distribution teams in Myanmar ensure that the company’s logistics, operations, distributions, human resource, and customer service requirements are delivered in the highest standards.

Placing the consumers’ interest above our own, GS Ventures thrives upon the principles of integrity and honesty. Inherent in our choice of partnerships is an unwavering standard for the world’s best and the finest. Amidst myriad products available, each of our listed brands has been meticulously scrutinised and patiently sought out from their true origins; ensuring that our end users have an inimitable experience.

Beyond offering premium products, we believe that we are in the business of people. Internally, our principle of respect for diversity in the workplace enables us to work as one amidst our cultural diversity. Externally, we celebrate diversity as we partner with suppliers coming from different cultures, backgrounds, preferences and ideas.

These principles are the hallmark of our existence; these define the GS Ventures brand of integrity and diversity when it comes to products, people and partnerships.

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GS Ventures is behind Asia’s strongest distribution channel for high-end luxury brands. We serve a distinguished clientele with a diversified range of essential pieces ranging from Perfumes, Cosmetics, Spa brands, Electronics, Sporting Goods, Kitchen Houseware and Paper products.

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