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Panasonic is a portmanteau of the words “pan” and “sonic” which the eponymous company first used for its brand of audio speakers to embody its mission of bringing sound to the world. A Japanese electronics conglomerate that needs no introduction, Panasonic is headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan and was founded by Konosuke Matsushita, a duplex lamp sockets trader, in 1918. Before the Second World War, the company was known for manufacturing electrical components and basic electric equipment but the 1960s saw the company diversifying its interests and product lines, entering the television, shortwave radio, high fidelity stereos, and VHS VCRs manufacturing industry that made it a household name in consumer electronics.

True to the premise of its earlier slogan “Ideas for Life,” the company is indeed a leader in innovation with products meticulously put together and built to last. In fact, when a Time Capsule containing a Panasonic television set and rice cooker buried in the 70s were unearthed and opened in 2000 at Osaka Castle Park, the appliances still worked perfectly upon testing. Now, the company has a new brand vision of creating a better life and a better world, with greater focus on contributing to the betterment of society and bringing people happiness through its well thought out and high calibre services and technologies.