Lladro (Final New)


Each piece of Lladro porcelain figurine reflects the handwork of artists, sculptors, ornamentalists, artisans and creative geniuses. Beyond doubt, Lladro is excellence in contemporary porcelain.

Established in 1953 by brothers Juan, Jose, and Vicente in Valencia, Spain, all Lladro pieces are handmade following an artisan process. For this reason, Lladro is universally esteemed as one of the Spanish brands that reflect prestige and beauty, refined.

Aside from its signature crystalline finish, each Lladro porcelain figurine, vase or sculpture also bears the flower motif. Petal by petal, each flower is handcrafted so that, while the porcelain pieces come from the same mold, in the strictest sense, no two Lladro porcelains are ultimately alike.

60 years later, Lladro handcrafted porcelain pieces continue to be highly prized collections. The family business has grown to become a multinational company with over 1,000 employees. Lladro has over 4,000 retailers in 123 countries in five continents.

From idea to design to the creation of the figure and the finishing touches, holding a piece of Lladro upon one’s hand is like receiving the gift of delicate, priceless art. A Lladro piece carries with it a special charm that never fails to captivate the beholder.