Reisenthel (Final New)


Recognising that every day living is marred by practical challenges, Reisenthel re-invents common items—like a shopping basket, a portfolio, luggage– in a bid to help people “take it easy.”

Forty years into the “business of easiness,” Reisenthel continues to innovate practical products that offer superior quality, excellent design and smart functionality with the signature Reisenthel lightness. Take the Mini Maxi Rucksack, for example. The backpack folds up into its own outer pocket, a real-deal spatial genius. Fully loaded, the weight is balanced on your back and you go hands free! So important when shopping or travelling with small children.

At the helm of the company is founder Peter Reisenthel who relies on his sense of practical and functional solutions to help people move about with ease and flare. Reisenthel bestsellers include the carrybag, carrycruiser, loopshopper, allarounder, toiletbag and shopper. When it comes to making it light and smart, nothing beats the Reisenthel.