Carver Final

Carver Skate

Intent on devising a way to replicate the surf-life experience of riding the towering waves of Venice Beach but on the asphalt, surf buddies Greg Falk and Neil Carver founded Carver Skateboards in 1995 to develop high performance skateboards that allow surf-skaters to make most of Venice and Santa Monica’s steep banks and alleys. By constantly experimenting with the latest materials, design and technologies, the company was able to perfect its line of drop-through and top-mount decks that give surf-skaters stability and control whether they’re simply gliding their way on cruise control or getting around at lightning speeds.

Come 18 years later, the company has opened a new factory which is currently churning out new product lines and models that suit the different riding styles of surf-skate enthusiasts. The company is continuously expanding with a growing customer and distribution base globally and is the only American company hailed as a most trusted and reliable leader in its niche.