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Dunlop Slazenger

The Dunlop Slazenger sporting goods empire is one of the oldest surviving sports brands today catering to the tennis, cricket and hockey community. Slazenger was established in 1881 by Jewish brothers Ralph and Albert Slazenger; its first shop was erected in London’s Cannot Street trading no more than rubber sporting goods, but has rapidly evolved into a premiere manufacturer of golf and tennis equipment. It currently serves the official tennis ball partner of The Championships and Wimbledon.

Founded in 1889, the Dunlop brand is synonymous to high quality golf and tennis balls. Following the release of its flagship product, the Maxfli golf ball in 1922, Dunlop has since diversified its business into tennis ball and sporting equipment production. Dunlop was tremendously popular among gold enthusiasts and athletes, and soon it found itself sponsoring the Dunlop Masters golf tournament, now known as the British Masters. The company merged with Slazenger in 1984.