IronMind (Final New)


Believing that a lot of physical is mental, IronMind is the ultimate source of training gears and equipment for serious strength athletes. Created for athletes engaged in such sports as Strongman, Grip, Olympic-style Weightlifting, Stonelifting and Highland Games, IronMind’s range of products unleash the ultimate strength from within.

Founded in 1988 with the philosophy “Stronger Minds, Stronger Bodies,” IronMind products are built for the strongest men in the world. From Grip Strength training tools to gym equipment, from lifting straps to pulling harnesses and sandbags, IronMind helps athletes lift more than they can. The products are assembled in the US by AWS-certified welders and promise top performance. Combining choice materials with tested assembly techniques, IronMind products are super tough and guaranteed built to last.

IronMind. The choice of the world’s strongest men.