Joma (Final New)


Vibrant. Fashionable. Sleek. No other sports equipment and apparel brand makes sports look good the Joma way.

But Joma isn’t just about good looks. The biggest Spanish sport brand in the world today, and one of the top 10 in the world, Joma is about performance, functionality and innovation in sports shoes and apparel. Joma Sport offers an array of tools that give athletes their winning form; helping them perform at their best.

In 1965, 18-year-old Fructuoso Lopez founded Joma Sport out of his passion to make shoes available to as many people possible. He saw the importance of a good pair of shoes in helping athletic individuals participate in and excel in sports, although, at that time, owning a pair of shoes was a luxury not everyone could afford, himself included.

Undeterred, Fructuoso decided that if he were to make his dream come true, he would have to take the road less travelled. With only his hands as tools and his house as workshop, Fructuoso created his first pair of shoes. Despite his modest means, he aspired to something big. More than 40 years ago when no one invested in technology, Fructuoso tested his leather’s strength, the proper last fit and outsole resistance.

Today, Joma Sport has offices in USA, Europe and Asia and has presence in over 70 countries worldwide. Beyond football shoes, it now has an expansive product line for men, women and children engaged in a variety of sports. Joma Sport footwear, clothing and accessories are preferred for outdoor and indoor soccer, trekking, basketball, volleyball, tennis and paddle, duathlon, cycling among other sports. Each product bears the signature mark of excellence, durability and aesthetics that is truly Joma.