Karrimor (Final New 2)


If outdoor adventure and mountaineering were to be compared to military exercise or combat, then Karrimor arms the outdoor adventure enthusiast and mountaineer with the ultimate weapons to succeed.

Created in 1946 by Charles Parsons, Mary Parsons and Grace Davies, Karrimor is a British specialist brand for radical outdoor equipment and clothing. From the innovative Haston Alpiniste of the 70s, the pioneering Karrimor sports boots (KSB) of the 80s, to camping equipment, running shoes, sleeping bag, knapsacks and every needful equipment for outdoor adventure and mountaineering of the present day, Karrimor has been tested to endure the harshest conditions.

60 years experience in creating durable clothing, shoes and equipment comes in every Karrimor product. A pioneering tradition that blends with leading edge technology, Karrimor is a name tantamount to excellence in outdoor clothing and equipment. Karrimor products are indeed built for adventure.