Penny final

Penny Skate

Lightweight, durable, undeniably attention-grabbing: Penny Skateboards ride like no other. Known for its flagship brand the Original, Penny Skateboards only relies on high performance plastics and has consistently reengineered its boards for two years to refine its plastic formula in its commitment to “put the fun back into skateboarding.” Each skateboard has been painstakingly designed and built to charm and perform exceptionally and are customisable with a wide range of accessories from basic components to hardware, panel stickers and grip tapes.

Founded by Australian extreme sports veteran Ben McKay, Penny Skateboards supports the resurgence of the plastic skateboard underfoot and into the backpacks of skateboarding enthusiasts all over the world. The iconic skate brand has become a go-to brand of skateboarders who live and breathe the sport and lifestyle.