SPI Belts (Final New 2)

SPI Belts

In the case of SPIbelt, inconvenience served as the mother of invention.
Out on a jog with a key tucked in her bra, entrepreneur/inventor and fitness enthusiast Kim Overton thought there had got to be a better way to keep small personal items securely in place while one was out on a job or engaging in a sport. Since then and several iterations later, SPIbelt or Small Personal Item belt was birthed and is now the preferred accessory for individuals who need to keep small personal items handy with them while on the go.

SPIbelt is now a staple accessory for runners, athletes, travellers and individuals who carry small medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, insulin pumps or handy nebulizers. SPIbelt holds small items like phones, gadgets and keys securely in place, no matter how fast you go.

A simple innovation that keeps things better organized and secure, SPIbelt is your peace of mind in a small belt.