Pelikan final


Born out of inspiration from Germany’s industrial revolution, Pelikan is part of an elite, top-of-mind group of European brands sought by creative professionals and corporate leaders for its innovative and sophisticated writing technologies and stationery supplies. Its collections of writing instruments are marked by simplicity and craftsmanship that remains unrivalled today and are preferred by those who have a high regard for elaborate design and functionality but value understatement.

The company, which was founded by Carl Hornemann and Günther Wagner in 1838 and developed the first fountain pen with a plunger piston mechanism in 1929, changed the world of fountain pen production, introducing a remarkable array of modern pens that boasts of intricate metalwork (such as Toledo) and exotic lacquer finishes (such as the Maki-e collection) which luxury pen collectors all over the world admire. Through Pelikan, pen making has evolved into an art form in its own right.