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S.N. Aswani Co. Ltd
60 Solid Years In Distribution & Consumer Retail

Whilst GS Ventures is strategically based in Singapore, S.N. Aswani Ltd. (SNAL), serves as the distribution and retail arm in Myanmar. SNAL has been in the retail and distribution business for over 60 years, having started as a textile import-export business under the name N. Sugnomal in 1953.

N. Sugnomal has seen unprecedented growth through the years. In 1980, the company ventured into the distribution of electronic products. In 1998, it established GS Ventures as a separate administrative and finance vehicle headquartered in Singapore. Through GS Ventures, the company reached another milestone—the inclusion of high-end luxury branded products primarily from Europe and the USA into their portfolio offering.

To support the strategic brand positioning and marketing of the luxury brands division, another company was purposefully established to provide corporate management to the new line: S.N. Aswani Co. Ltd.

Amongst SNAL’s earliest brands included Pierre Cardin Cosmetics, Mavala Cosmetics, Pelikan and Lamy Writing Equipment. This was followed by a strong collaboration with Nuxe and Valmont, two of the world prestigious Spa and Skin care lines. Finally, another company was formed under SNAL to directly handle the distribution and retail of the brands – Treasure Cluster Co. Ltd.

Our Unparalleled Distribution Channel

Today, SNAL is Myanmar’s strongest distribution channel for high-end luxury brands. SNAL trades under the names of S.N. Aswani Co. Ltd. To the direct customers and its distinguished clientele, SNAL’s retail boutiques are known as Treasure Cluster. From its initial offering of cosmetics and high-class pens, SNAL has diversified its business to offer a select range of Perfumes, Cosmetics, Spa brands, Electronics, Sporting Goods, Kitchen Houseware and Paper products.

Treasure Cluster (1) - MyanmarTreasure Cluster (2) - MyanmarTreasure Cluster (3) - Myanmar

SNAL distributes its brands in more than 450 point of sales strategically located across Myanmar. The company is Myanmar’s sole distributor with 100% fully owned boutiques for fragrances and cosmetics popularly known by the retail name, Treasure Cluster. SNAL is the distributor offering best in class merchandising in Department stores and their own boutiques, attracting a flux of clientele with their distinguished tastes.

With manpower strength of more than 600 highly engaged and customer service savvy staff, headed by a dedicated Brand Manager for each brand, SNAL is able to maintain the integrity of the brands from their principals down to the hands of highly satisfied customers. SNAL also has world-class warehouse and logistics facilities in key cities of Myanmar. Supporting itsoperations, SNAL has a centralised management for Finance, Training, and Warehousing. Bolstering its market reach, SNAL has a decentralised and highly empowered management for marketing and sales.

SNAL secures an industry leadership position in Myanmar, and is gearing up to expand throughout Southeast Asia.

Distribution Channels

Following is a list of distribution channels where the products are distributed:

  1. Boutiques
  2. Luxury Retreat Spas
  3. Department Stores
  4. Independent Stores (Perfumeries and Individual Shops)
  5. Duty Free Shops (Downtown and Airports)
  6. Luxury Cruise Ships
  7. Pharmacies
  8. Five Stars Hotels
  9. Inflight

Distribution Channels (1) - MyanmarDistribution Channels (2) - MyanmarDistribution Channels (3) - Myanmar
Distribution Channels (4) - MyanmarDistribution Channels (5) - MyanmarDistribution Channels (6) - Myanmar

Treasure Cluster

Behind a robust management and business development strategy is SNAL’s warm connection to its distinguished end customers and clientele. Marketing, branding and sales for the high-class brands occur at SNAL’s very own boutique aptly called Treasure Cluster.

Treasure Cluster boutiques are strategically located in shopping malls, airport duty-free stands and authorized dealers throughout Myanmar.

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